Let Us Celebrate The Life Krys Lived

Krystopher was buried at St Charles Resurrection Cemetery, Farmingdale NY, J.F. Goode Funeral home , Amityville, NY, funeral director.This memorial was created in the memory of our loved one. Krystopher  blessed us with 27 beautiful years. He was our joy and light and now he is with God shining over us as our guardian angel. Let the memories of Krystopher be with us forever. We will always remember him. His love is with us always! “Til we meet again”Please feel free to read and enjoy our special times of Krystopher. If you have any special moments, pictures, video clips, or stories , please email to debmeg827@yahoo.com. With much love, sincerely Krys’s family…


22 responses to “Celebrate

  1. Deb, this is a nicely orchestrated collection of Krystopher’s beautiful life. Be rest assured knowing that he’s touched so many lives during his 27 years on earth. His spirit and memories will live on in our lives and hearts forever. Be comforted knowing that Krys is in heaven watching over you and smiling down on you always. Love, Antonette

    • Thanks so much Antonette. Krys gave us 27 beautiful years. We will always have him with us in our hearts and we feel his presence everyday.

  2. Deb, This is so beautiful, I am sure Krys is proud of you. He is definately with the Lord and his spirit is always with you guys.
    Love you guys,
    Aunt I

  3. This is beautiful! Came out great. It’s a good hub for loved ones to collectively celebrate Krys.

    • Drica has a wonderful video of you guys playing a video game. You are singing, Stacey is beating the drums and Krys is playing the bass guitar, cant wait to post that as well. It was loads of fun to see the 3 besties in action.

  4. This is Beautiful…I found this Poem in a magazine that I was looking at just before I was looking at pictures. The first Picture I pulled out was a Picture of Krys… Sooo I took it as a sign and decided to send this Poem to you….
    this is what Krys sends to you his LOVE.

    Mother’s Day we’re far apart But Mom, you know I’m there in heart, Because no matter where I roam, My heart and thoughts remain at home.
    It’s just a dream, those mile of blue, and honest, Mom, I’m there with you. And oh! My heart will be so gay, to send its gift on Mother’s Day.
    For with the grace of God above, I’m thankful I can send my love. I know it isn’t what we would have planned, But Mom, I know you’ll understand. Dear God, I pray the sun will shine, on a Mother I am proud is mine. And brush each little care away, To cheer her on this special day. And maybe whisper if you please, it’s from your son who’s overseas. (Raymond Kennedy of Glassboro, New Jersey, shared this poem in a letter to his mom. it came from his uncle Jim Kennedy, who fought in North Africa during World War 11)

    • Carolyn, you made my day. I really feel its a sign from Krys. He uses you to get his messages to me. That I so believe! My eyes fill with tears as I read this beautiful poem and I felt his presence right away. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love it so very much. Love you always cuz…Forever in our hearts and souls, our dear Krys.

    • Today was a day Krys would shower me with flowers and a beautiful card early in the morning before anyone else. It was his nature to make sure he always had a surprise waiting for me. I am so glad that I saved all of his mothers day cards and gifts from when he was a little boy til he was an adult. I put them out today and I felt his beautiful spirit all around me today (more than usual).
      Well Krys couldnt send flowers this year so he used special people like his friend Andre(best friend at work) who stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, his girlfriend Corinne who had a beautiful arrangement delivered and his friend in heaven parents (Matt) dropped a beautiful rose off to the house. I received texts from all of Krys’ close friends today to say to me what he would of told me if he was here today. I thank God for the wonderful 27 years I was blessed with Krys to wish me Happy mommy’s day. I miss him so very much.I will always love you. Thanks for being a great son and friend. First born, First son, First Love!

  5. This is so nicely done. I’ve finally been able to watch at least some of the video. It’s easier looking at Krys as a little boy than more recent photos. It’s Yankees baseball time and they’re doing great. Swishy Swish isn’t on the team anymore, but I’ll always remember Krys yelling that at the top of his lungs.

  6. 15 months without you and the pain in our hearts becomes greater as each day goes by. We struggle every single day and our lives will never be the same without you Krys. We miss you so much.

  7. Everyday I wish it was just a bad nightmare that would just go away and you would be here with us…I can truly say I know what true love is because of our bond. Nothing feels the same anymore without you Krys..

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN KRYS! MISSING YOU SO MUCH. Sleep In Peace! Until we meet again! Auntie Loves You! ❤ ❤ ❤

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